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What is AWS cloud services?

In the technology industry, one of the most frequently-used terms these days is cloud computing. It’s used to describe so many different things, including virtual servers, software as a service, hosted email, and more. But what exactly is AWS cloud services? And what are some of the most popular AWS cloud services? This article will answer those questions and more as we explore AWS cloud services in detail, from how it works to how you can take advantage of it today!

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
There’s a good chance you’ve heard about cloud computing, but how does it work and what’s it good for? Cloud computing is basically a way of accessing applications, data and media from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. If you don’t have internet access, there are still options that let you use your own local storage (via a service called cloud bursting.) For example, if your primary computer has a virus or some other issue that stops it from working properly but you have another computer on hand, you can work on documents locally until your primary computer is up and running again.

Amazon Web Services

AWS services

The most well-known of Amazon’s web services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of remote computing services (hosting, data storage, software and other IT resources) available on a pay-as-you-go basis. The cloud in Amazon Web Services is an allusion to the Internet and not actually to any physical cloud.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

The Amazon Web Services is a relatively new part of Amazon’s business. While its existence is a few years old, it is still young. It isn’t even mentioned in their recent filings for public companies yet. Its purpose is to provide storage space, pay-as-you-go processing power and other specialized services for companies and individuals that would rather outsource those tasks than invest in them on their own.

Security of data in the cloud

Having your data on someone else’s servers means you have to trust that they can keep it safe from hackers and data thieves. Can you ensure that your data will be safe with Amazon Web Services? Yes, but only if you take some precautions. For example, don’t store personal customer information on Amazon S3 and encrypt everything with a key you control. With proper precautions in place, however, most people feel that AWS is at least as secure as their own hardware or a third-party provider. The bottom line: using Amazon Web Services can be completely secure—or completely insecure; it all depends on how well you prepare in advance.

Types of instances

You can choose from four types of Amazon EC2 instances: Micro, Small, Medium and Large. Micro instances cost $0.02 per hour, which might seem like a good deal but AWS recommends them only for development or testing because they’re underpowered for running production workloads and do not include any storage or data transfer capacity. The other three sizes each have their own perks; AWS prefers customers use them in these ways: Small instances (i.e., T2) should be used in cases where you need more resources than a micro instance but don’t want to pay as much as you would for an extra large instance.

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